Established in 2008, WE Tactical Training International Ltd.(WETTI) is the official representative of WE with regard to all Military & Law Enforcement sales/service worldwide. WETTI also wholesales & distributes exclusive products from WE which include (but not limited to) the full range of A.W.S.S. rifle platforms in custom finishings (e.g. RS anodizing); our exclusive models are all referred to as the "WETTI-AFC Custom" versions. Furthermore, WETTI is also instrumental in WE's products design & improvements, as we work closely with WE's R&D division with feedbacks from professional operators & end-users from all around the world.


Our network of distributors and dealers stretches to all corners of the world. We've successfully established Sales/Parts/Service centers partnering with local dealers/retailers in the USA, UK, Germany, Spain, Russia, Chile, to name a few. Our network is expanding almost on a daily basis, as more & more industry-related parties are taking interests in our superior products.


On the Mil/LE front, we've established links with arm forces, as well as law enforcement, units from around the globe, including the U.S. Army, to test our products (specifically the A.W.S.S. platform) as alternative training tools for the professionals. These tests & evaluations are more than valuable business opportunities, they are the basis for all future improvements to our products as there's simply no requirements tougher than presented by these professional units. Naturally, the technology improvements are then pass on to our general patrons.




As WETTI enter into a VERY exciting 2009, please look for our exclusive photos and videos from Mil/LE tests/training events in our Gallery & Video section on this website.